The Healing Art of Flowers by Anita Nowinskaart

Super excited to feature to amazing Anita Nowinskaart on the blog this week.  Anita is an artist who captures the beauty of flowers, well, beautifully!  Anita and I 'met' through Instagram where we share our mutual love of all things flowery....please take a look at Anita's instagram account and give her a follow....

The Healing Art of Flowers by Anita Nowinskaart

Flowers and their myriad colours have always held a fascination for me. The way that their colour and form can make you feel different moods and emotions has always been the focus of my work.

Having been brought up in the urban sprawl around London, bringing the beauty of nature into the home has been my way of lifting spirits, creating relaxation and wellbeing. My home has always been full of flowers, I wish there had been more people like Emma, growing flowers in the area.

The intricate details and glowing shades mesmerise me and my paintings blow them up onto a large scale. People often say that seeing them on canvas has made them look at the world in a different way and notice the minutiae.



Colour has such a massive psychological impact on us. From blues and greens which relax and sooth, to reds and yellows invigorating and lifting the energy. I use the colours in flowers to generate those feeling while I paint and they seem to pass that on to others.

Flowers also have meanings and messages in many cultures. Combining these with the meanings and moods of the colours helps me create art which holds a hidden message.


Having fresh flowers in the home always makes a place feel cosy and vibrant. Immortalising the flowers and gardens in paintings, to me, brings everlasting summer into the house.

My favourite paintings are those commissioned by clients. Flowers from a wedding bouquet captured forever, memories of gardens and favourite flowers which evoke feelings of wellbeing. A timeless gift which gets passed down the generations.

From creating confidence through a cerise peony, joy in a sunny daisy or tranquility through blue irises or white roses, I love the stories people tell me about how my work has made them feel.

From original paintings, limited edition prints to luxurious velvet cushions and throws, bringing the beauty of flowers into your home never fails to add personality.

If you’d like to know more about my work, have a browse if my website or get in touch

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