No such thing as a perfect florist

There have been times over the past nine years that I have questioned my abilities as a matter how many people tell me how much they love my work, how many times a client comes back to me for yet more flowers for their home or the ones who recommend me to their friends and family, I still sometimes doubt if I really am that good!  There is always someone who seems to have more wedding work than me, or who's website seems far more professional than mine or who's flowers, well, just seem better than mine.  I have always been an extremely critical person, I expect perfection (my mother always tells me she would never work for me because I am far to critical!) and I am always striving to be better at what I do. I find it hard to 'hand things over' to others when I know that if I do it, it will be done just so - and if it isn't then I only have myself to blame!

I am sure there is a name for people like me.....I don't know what it is but there must be one.  So every now and then I give myself a stern talking to.  You are good at what you do Emma, there will always be people who love what you do as well as people who don't,  but a great quote by BB King sums up what I want to say, so much so I have printed it of and have it pinned to the front of my diary so each day I read it and just accept who I am.

"You're not the greatest, your not the only one who can do it.  There are people who can do the same thing, if not better.  There's a lotta guys out there that can do exactly what you're doing, but they can't be you! They can be good, they can be better, but they cannot feel what you feel.  Nobody knows what I feel."

That just about sums me up - I am good at what I do, and there's no-one exactly like me.  If you come to me then you get the whole package, not just the flower design but the whole package and that to me is pretty special......

Profile picture by Indira Flack
Flowers by Emma Sousa Flowers