Must-Have Moments For Your Wedding Videographer To Capture......guest blog by Rachel Vine


The blog this month is a guest blog by Rachel Vine from Veiled Productions….Rachel is a fabulous videographer who works with Couples to capture the biggest day of their lives…so that makes her a pretty important person in my book! She gives you top tips on what to ask your videographer to capture on your big day… goes…..

Rachel says, Included in this list isn’t the obvious stuff like the vows, the ring exchange, speeches etc! A professional, experienced and valued videographer will get those moments without a doubt - you won’t need to ask.

These are moments that will make you laugh, make you cry and give you goosebumps when you watch them back! Moments you may not immediately think of when you hear ‘wedding film’. As a new bride-to-be myself I know I will really value these when Pete and I get married.

Your family / wedding party seeing you dressed ready for the ceremony for the first time

This moment is always so lovely to watch back. The excitement as you’re about to marry the one you love. A moment you, your family and friends have been excited about for months, if not years! They will be beaming with pride as you appear looking and feeling the best you ever not to be missed by your videographer!


Moments immediately after the ceremony when you look at each other and say ‘we did it!’

It may sound obvious but timing is crucial here. Some videographers will stand at the bottom of the aisle to get your exit and then your guests as they file out behind you. However, I’ve learned over the years to get your exit down the aisle but then run ahead with your photographer to get those first few moments as newlyweds. The smiles, the looks of love between you and then your guests congratulating you as they follow you out - much more valuable footage! Often it’s the photo of everyone or the confetti shot immediately after the ceremony too so it’s great to be ahead of the guests to get in position.


Gift exchange

One of the most controversial opinions I have is that giving gifts to your partner or your wedding party shouldn’t be during the speeches. I know it’s traditional but it’s so time-consuming asking all your wedding party to collect gifts from you during the speeches and it’s pretty boring for everyone else too. By all means thank them during the speeches but give them their presents during the preparations. This way your photographer and videographer can capture their reactions. It’s the same if you give each other gifts to open on the morning. Definitely tell your photographer and videographer so that they can make sure they capture the moments. This is a part of the day you won’t see of each other so it’s great to watch back after the wedding.

Your guest reactions to your first dance

I always love watching your family and friends as you take your first dance. You can see the love they have for you and how happy they are for you. It’s precious to see and to be able to watch it back will be something you can treasure forever.

Guest messages

This is also a bit controversial because some people love these and some people hate them. I agree they can be a bit cheesy, but for me, watching my loved ones, in 20 years time, sharing what fun they have had over the day is totally worth it. I always leave it up to the couple whether they want them. If they do then I usually suggest an announcement is made after the speeches and for people to come and find me and leave a message if they like. When Pete and I get married I know we will love a message from our parents, grandparents, siblings and close friends. I’m also happy to join in on the day as guest messages!

I hope these are helpful and I wish you all the most fun planning your weddings! If you’re still not sure about having a videographer please do follow me on Facebook or Instagram to learn more about what I do, who I am plus some occasional posts about my border collie Laila and my love for chocolate and wine!

Emma Sousa