Darling Dahlias.....

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It's around about this time of year that the Dahlias are at their peak....they bring colour and life to the cutting patch and come in all colours of the rainbow.  A few years back Dahlias had rather an old fashioned reputation but over the last few years with many stunning new varieties hitting the market they are now the darlings of high summer weddings.

They make an appearance towards the end of June and by mid July they are in full swing....they will keep going right throughout the summer months offering a pop of colour or a touch of sophistication to you big day.   The wonderful subtle 'nude' colour of Cafe au Lait, the deep and striking burgandy of Karma Chocolate, or the pop of orange Gwyneth...they are all outstanding in their own right and I wouldn't be without them.  

They do have rather a short vase life, but cut at the right time and conditioned well they will give you a good 5 to 7 days in the vase..each year the tubers are dug up, divided and stored for the winter to be re-potted again in the Spring and planted out during the month of May.  What's your favourite Summer flower?  Comment below and let us know.....

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Emma Sousa