Top Tips for your Wedding Flowers

- Book in advance - if you know you want flowers then why wait.

- Use seasonal flowers which will be a better price rather than wanting out of season blooms (one of the top no no's as far as I am concerned when choosing your flowers)

- If you love expensive flowers use them in your Bouquet and ask your florist about a more economical substitute for your table flowers. So a coral Garden Rose is all very well but could add on 30% or more to your table flowers......why not substitute with a beautiful coral dahlia instead and save the Garden Roses for your Bouquets and Buttonholes

- Don't underestimate is beautiful, bountiful and will bring the cost of your flowers down considerably.  Remember though you are not just paying for flowers.  You are paying for a florists skill and for their time...we need to to earn a living too!

- With the uncertainty of Brexit and the fluctuation of the pound imported flowers prices have gone through the roof...why not source a local supplier who grows or uses local flowers.  You can find more information on Flowers from The Farm which is a national network of growers and florist who grow and use British Blooms (you will find Emma Sousa flowers on there in the South East region/London)

- If you love those big wild arrangements for your tables why not consider mixing tall and low arrangements to bring the costs down a little.  A low table arrangement can cost considerably less than a metre high floral arrangement so mixing it up a little can make all the difference.

I would love to hear your thoughts on your wedding flowers.  Whats the biggest issue you have when deciding on them?  Is there a burning question you have that you just feel you can't ask your florist?  Leave me a comment or question below and I will do my best to answer it for you. Please share this post with any Brides to Be you think may enjoy this blog..... 

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