DIY Wedding Flowers

I love a flower crown.....there are so many beautiful combinations from an all foliage crown, to a delicate flower encrusted crown, to big, blousy and over the top flower crowns that only the brave and daring can wear.  Just picture a Boho wedding....your flowers are loose and informal, they look like you have just picked them from the garden.  Your dress is antique lace but in a Boho style, a flower crown just sets everything off.....tumbling hair falling from your tiny delicate floral creation - its not for everyone but if you can, why not.  There is nothing more adorable than a flower girl with a sweet crown of flowers on her head holding onto a blushing brides hand while walking down the aisle (or the woodland path!). 

Flowercrowns can be a bit tricky to master and a lot of my Brides ask me to teach them 'how to' for their wedding day.  My advice if you fancy doing a DIY wedding is to take a class or workshop - a lot of great florists run classes and specifically tailor made Bridal Flowers Workshops

but think carefully about doing it yourself, as you don't want to add too much pressure on your big day (and you don't want to ruin your hands and nails - have you ever actually looked at a florists hands...ughh). 

Prehaps think about doing simple table flowers and getting a professional to make up Bouquets, Buttonholes and Flower Crowns etc as these all need to be made up last minute.  If you do decide to do your own flowers then practice is the may find that by the time you have purchased your flowers to practice them you have spent so much you could have just paid a little more for a professional to do them for you.  Some Brides ask me "why do florists charge so much for flowers?" - the simple answer is we don't!  Reputable florists have trained, whether at college or 'on the job' to learn their skill.  I have been doing this for nearly 10 years and every day I learn something new - a new flower to work with, finding out how that flower performs under differrent situations, I know what to use in differrent types of displays, how all the mechanics work for tricky arrangements, how far in advance to buy flowers so that they are perfect for your big day, what conditions to keep them in so they are fresh and just right (I hear many stories of a DIY Bride calling a florist in tears saying that her flowers have dropped, are going brown and can they help her) well, thats what we do - we take the risk and strain out of your day, we buy the best quality blooms (not neccesarily the cheapest) and we are experts in creating beautiful flowers just for you.  We spend time working out exactly how many stems to buy, we know about beautiful colour combinatons and more importantly we can save you money by choosing certain blooms over others and mixing just the right amount of foliage in with everything.  So if you are thinking about a DIY wedding make sure you explore your options first. 

Take a class and see just what you are prepared to commit to.  Its not as easy as you think and there is a lot of prep that goes into your wedding flowers.  So many things to think about and to work out (how many flowers do you actually need to make 10 table centres, 3 Bouquets, 5 buttonholes and a large urn for the church).  Always go for a simple option that you can prep a couple of days before the wedding, like jam jars or little milk urns filled with flowers. And most importantly have a back up plan...speak to your local florist, take some advice and enjoy.....

Bridal photograph by Kirsten Mavric
Dress by Dana Bolton
Flowers by Emma Sousa Flowers
Hair & Makeup by Laura Anne


For more information on Bridal and Flower workshops, please click here.

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