Gorgeous Wedding Flowers, an October Wedding

Last weekend I did flowers for a small wedding that took place in North London.  It was a bright and vibrant theme and made a refreshing change from the whites and pale pinks that many Brides opt for.  At our meeting the Bride came along with an idea of the colours she wanted for her big day....by the end of the meeting we had progressed onto a third and completely different colour palette and this is what we ended up with!   The Bridesmaids wore a dark Aubergine colour so we popped the gorgeous double lisianthus variety Rosa Black Pearl.....we ordered only a few stems as they were super expensive but just those few pops of aubergine were enough to tie the colours together.   Other flowers were Ivory and Lilac Lisianthus,  a lovely Lilac Rose called Ocean Song, pops of acid green foliage and my new star flower at the cutting patch a lovely pop of orange single stemmed Crysanthamum.  Most of the flowers alas had to be imported but I still managed to pop some UK grown foliage and flowers into the arrangements.  

I loved creating the flowers for the cake below....they looked so pretty spilling over the edge and onto the log slice....we used fresh Rosemary and dried Lavender amongst the flowers.  The cake was simple and pretty.  I didn't know what I was going to do until I picked up the cake the day before the wedding.  I love working off the cuff and not having to plan every little detail sometimes....I knew there was a cake, I didn't know the size or what it would sit on so this was done the morning of the wedding after sleeping on it over night (not the cake just the idea!)  I think the cake was my favourite thing on the day....

Emma Sousa, WeddingsEmma Sousa