Here at Urban Flower Farmer we are passionate about the environment and over the last few years we have been making a concerted effort to reduce our carbon footprint. At the end of 2017 we went totally foam free - this means no nastie toxic floral foam is used in any of our arrangements, ever! Not only is floral foam bad for florists it is a polluter of our water systems and it ends up in landfill and never breaks down (apart from into tiny micro particles).

We also use mostly recyclable materials in our work, so recycled glass, paper tape that goes into the recycling bin, brown recycled kraft paper, twine string or rafia - no plastics or cellophane if at all possible. Sometime we use existing plastic trays to arrange flowers in but these are always collected and re-used so nothing thrown into landfill.

We grow flowers using no pesticides or anything that might harm the environment, and our cutting patch is a haven for wildlife, from the bumble bees and hover flies to beautiful butterflies……we harvest water and compost anything and everything then feed it back to the land to nourish it, right here in the heart of London! Flowers grown by us travel just a few miles to our studio before being arranged into beautiful Event flowers and if we don’t grow what you want we will source from one of our trusted British growers where possible. First and foremost we encourage our clients to use locally grown, seasonal flowers but of course if you have your heart set on something we can usually source from abroad, although we do always promote seasonal varieties as these flowers will be the best flowers available at that time. There is no point asking for peonies in October! If you have any questions about sustainability please email us and we will do out best to answer your questions. We care about our planet! We hope you do too…..